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dragonsitters's Journal

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This community is intended for members of and regular posters in dragonspam to find egg- and hatchling-sitters when they are unable to post temporarily.

Temporarily means a few days to a week; this is not a place to find someone to post for you on a permanent basis.

If you are willing to dragon-sit, please reply with your username to the "Sitters" post. If you are looking for a dragon-sitter, please either post to the "Looking for Sitters" post with the dates during which you will need someone to post for you, or make a new post. You can post the codes for your dragons (behind a cut, please) or request sitting volunteers to contact you, however you would like to work it.

And please let me know if there are problems with this system!

Affiliated with:

dragonspam - the place to post eggs and hatchlings on a regular basis, and to click on other people's.

dragonbrood - the place to arrange for egg-trading and to ask dragon-breeding questions.

dragcave_lost - the place to inquire about lost eggs and hatchlings.

Play nice and have fun!

(Not affiliated with Dragon Cave; this is an unofficial comm.)